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We Added Extra Soult to Lennox Head

We Added Extra Soult to Lennox

News by Adam Mumford

On the 6th February, Soult was officially launched in the coastal town of Lennox Head, New South Wales. This was Jason’s home, and that day would’ve been his 55th Birthday.

13 businesses, dozens of locals and the media came together to promote the start of a brand that not only has an ethically sourced and certified organic product that adds flavour to food, but more importantly, a movement that will ultimately help make a difference in someone’s life. 

Lennox Pizza created Rosemary and Garlic Soult Pizza and Lemon Myrtle Soult Risotto, Lennox Gelato created Lemon Myrtle Soult Sorbet, Lennox Bakery offered Chicken Pies with Lemon Myrtle Soult and Lennox Butcher created Rosemary and Garlic Soult Meatballs. Shorty’s and Quattro managed to do some amazing things behind the bar with both flavoured Soults.

Both Lennox Pizza and Lennox Gelato said the products they created were their ‘biggest or fastest’ ever sold.

Lennox Pizza and Pasta – Lemon Myrtle Soulted Prawn Risotto

The Lennox Head community has proven itself getting behind the launch, with close to a 1000 packs being sold within 2 weeks; not bad considering the total population is 7700. The IGA, Station Grocer, Seagrass Grocer & Australia Post have all sold out and needed to replenish stock.

All profits from every packet of Soult sold has gone to the Northern Rivers Healthy Minds Club and Standby; Support After Suicide.

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