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Soult Charity Partners

Soult partners with a number of charities who make an impact on the lives of hundreds of Australians each and every day. All of the profits from Soult go to the following charity partners. If you’d like to make a donation, please reach out via the links below.

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What We Do

The StandBy program is focused on supporting anyone who has been bereaved or impacted by suicide at any stage in their life, including:

  • Individuals, families and friends
  • Witnesses
  • First Responders
  • Service Providers

StandBy is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing free face-to face and/or telephone support at a time and place that is best for each individual.

The program offers coordinated evidence-based support and resources (including connections to local services and groups) that is individualised for each person’s unique circumstance. This support is continued for up to two years to ensure those that engage with StandBy are not alone and receive ongoing support.

StandBy is guided by local advisory groups – which includes community stakeholders as well as those with lived experience. StandBy National is informed by our National Lived Experience Advisory Group.

StandBy builds community preparedness and resilience through extensive training to community and professional groups to ensure effectiveness and that duplicated effort is avoided. The program is also ideally placed to offer a settings-based approach, providing group support after a suicide for schools, workplaces and community groups.

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Our Mission:

Mental health is a significant issue for the Australian road transport, warehousing and logistics industries. Risk factors such as long hours, workplace isolation, pressure to meet delivery schedules and the need for continual alertness while operating heavy machinery all contribute to making those in the transport, postal and warehousing industries extremely vulnerable to mental health issues.

Mission statement:

Our goal is to provide everyone in the transport and logistics industries with what they need to support their mental health and physical wellbeing, and to ensure these needs are recognised as being vital to support a thriving workforce into tomorrow. 
Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds is built on three key pillars:
  1. Training – An increase in the number of people trained in mental health at transport and logistics facilities

  2. Standards – Standardisation of policies and regulation at transport and logistics facilities

  3. Wellness – Helping the individual be healthier from a diet and mental health perspective

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Our Mission:

The Healthy Minds Club is a non-for-profit men’s mental health organisation based in the Northern Rivers. We provide the community with free educational programs, psychological support services, an indigenous cultural initiative, social events and foster local sporting clubs. The organisation was launched off the back of a string of mental health issues within the Ballina Shire community. It was built to combat the lack of support services that were available locally at the time. The club looks to grow and foster a positive outlook on mental health and well-being within the region, especially catering services for the youth demographic. All proceeds raised go directly back into the local community

Our mission is to provide awareness and resources that address and support mental health issues within the Northern Rivers community. We provide programs and events that target the reduction of suicide and self-harm. We are a non-for-profit organisation with 100% of donations going back to the community.