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Mental Wheels epic ride for mental health

Ernesto ‘Ernie’ Fernandez from Soult recently completed The Mental Wheels Tour, a challenging yet rewarding Road Bike ride that brings people together, taking action to directly improve mental wellbeing.

The Mental Wheels Tour is into its 5th year now and everyone who participated makes a HUGE difference! Over 3 days (4 nights) the Tour covered around 380km. The start point was at the picturesque and cycling appealing region of Mudgee in the Central West of NSW. From there the tour headed South making its way to the iconic town and overnight stop at Bathurst before making their way further out west to Orange and onto the finish point in Dubbo!

Ernie had his secret weapon of Salty Sweet Soult on hand to help increase energy with natural glucose and reduce cramping thanks to the sustainable salt.

Ernie has been a long time supporter of Mental Wheels and an advocate for supporting mental health. We are excited to have Ernie as part of the team here at Soult and proud of his achievements in support of Mental Wheels.

The primary function of the ‘Mental Wheels Foundation’ is to fund programs that improve Mental Health of all Australians.
Depressed mental health leads to shattered lives and in the worst cases suicide. The problem in Australia is critical with a person (mostly males) attempting suicide every 6 minutes. They are our friends, family, loved ones and colleagues, and we believe that it doesn’t need to be this way.

The ’Mental Wheels Foundation’ has determined that to make real and lasting change we need to conduct relevant research, delivered through clinical partners, then made accessible to all.

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  • Adam W Mumford
    Posted April 5, 2023 at 1:17 am

    Great work Ernie!! Proud of everything you are doing.

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